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Bar Menu


• Garlic Loaf $9.20

Mini French stick baked and loaded with garlic butter. Ideal for sharing.

• Breads and Dips $17.90
Selection of locally made breads and dips

• Crispy Golden Fries $8.50
With aioli & tomato sauce

• Criss Cross Potatoes $10.50
With aioli & sweet chilli sauce

• Potato Skins $15.90
Fried potato skins, bacon and sweet chilli sauce. Topped with melted cheese & sour 

• Crispy Onion Rings $15.90
Beer battered onion rings. Served with aioli dipping sauce

• Hunger Buster $22.90
Selection of spring rolls, calamari rings, fish bites and chicken nuggets. With dipping sauces

• Crispy Fried Chicken $17.90
Tender chicken pieces marinated in ginger, garlic, soy sauce. Crusted and fried. Served with sriracha chilli mayo and lemon

• Sticky Pork Belly Bites $18.90
Roasted pork belly pieces tossed in a sticky plum & ginger sauce

• Smoked Salmon Pate $14.90

Smoked salmon, fennel and lemon pate served with toasted crostini’s

• Beef Nachos $19.90
Savoury chilli beef over corn chips. With melted mozzarella, guacamole, sour cream 
& jalapenos

• Double Beef & Cheese Burger $25.90

Two beef patties, caramelised onions, bacon, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, sliced beetroot & BBQ sauce in a toasted bun. Served with fries

• Merrin St Platter $39.90
Crispy fried chicken & crispy pork belly bites, plus juicy prawn twisters. Locally made salami & brie. Served with bread & dips

• Gourmet House Pizzas $23.40
Add Gluten Free base to any pizza 4.00

Cheeky Satay - Chicken, red onion & capsicum with satay sauce & toasted peanuts.

Meat Almighty - Salami, bacon, Italian cabanossi sausage & mushrooms with a BBQ sauce.

Smokey Salmon - House smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers & red onion. Finished with basil pesto.


• Homemade Traditional Cheesecake $12.90
Ask for details of our chef’s latest creation

• Ice Cream Sundae $12.90
Served with real caramel, chocolate or berries

• Blueberry & Vanilla Brûlée $12.90
Vanilla infused Brûlée topped with golden caramel finished with a blueberry compote & vanilla ice cream

• White Chocolate & Macadamia nut Brownie $12.90
White chocolate and macadamia nut brownie with a frozen dark chocolate mousse & berry coulis

• Lemon Curd Eton Mess $12.90
Crushed meringue with layers of whipped cream, lemon curd & berries


Affogato $16.90
Vanilla ice cream, espresso shot and a liqueur of your choice

Liqueur Coffee $14.10
Coffee with a liqueur of your choice, topped with cream

Port Glass (90ml)
Barros Ruby $8.50
Barros Tawny $9.00
Barros Tawny (10 year old) $11.00


Flat White $5.10
Latte $5.10
Short Black $4.20
Long or Short Macchiato $4.20
Vienna $5.20
Baby Fluffy $1.00
Cappuccino $5.10
Mochaccino $5.20
Long Black $4.20
Americano $4.20
Hot Chocolate $5.20


English Breakfast $4.00
Chamomile $4.00
Peppermint $4.00
Lemon & Ginger $4.00
Earl Grey $4.00
Green $4.00
Blackcurrant $4.00
Raspberry & Peach $4.00