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served until 4pm


• Mini breakfast
Poached or fried eggs with bacon, hash brown and toast 17.90


• Classic kiwi breakfast (available until 4pm daily)
Bacon, sausage, mushrooms, grilled tomato, hash brown with two eggs cooked to your liking on crispy toast bread 22.50

toast 4.00                   bacon 6.00
tomato 5.00               sausage 6.00

hash browns 6.00     mushrooms 6.00


• Seafood Chowder
Thick & creamy chowder – full of seafood, with toasted grain loaf 19.90

• Soup of the Day
Created fresh & served with warm toast 13.90

• Pork Belly bites
Roasted pork belly pieces served on an apple slaw with a chipotle aioli 16.90

• Chilli con carne nachos

Savoury chilli beef nachos over corn chips with melted mozzarella, jalapenos, guacamole & sour cream 18.90

• Crispy Fried Chicken

Tender chicken pieces marinated in ginger, garlic & soy sauce. Crusted & fried with japanese mayo & lemon 17.40  

• Skins
Fried potato skins, bacon, sweet chilli sauce, melted cheese and sour cream 15.90 


• Flintstone Ribeye 400G
Chargrilled Ribeye on the bone, grilled to perfection.

Available with the choice of salad and fries or vegetables and potatoes.

with Creamy Mushroom sauce, red wine jus, peppercorn sauce or garlic Butter 37.90  

• Fish of the Day
Market fresh fish, specially prepared each day POA

• Chicken Breast

Sliced chicken breasts on steamed rice, saute vegetables and creamy satay sauce. Topped with spring onions & toasted macadamia nuts 29.50

• Pork Belly 
Crispy pork belly served on whipped potatoes & buttered seasonal greens. Topped with apple & fig jam, and finished with red wine jus 29.50

Fries - Small 5.00

Fries – Large served with aioli and tomato sauce 8.00

Side of seasonal vegetables 6.00

Two fried eggs 5.00

Steamed Rice 5.00

Side Salad 6.00

Grilled tomato 5.00

Mushrooms 6.00


• Garlic Bread

Cobb style loaf, baked and loaded with garlic butter. Ideal for sharing 10.20

• Breads and Dips
Selection of locally made breads and dips 17.20


• The Merrin St. Summer Platter

Juicy prawn twisters, crispy fried chicken, & crispy pork belly bites. Locally made salami & brie cheese. Served with bread & dips 38.50


Add your own options:

Pork ribs 9.00
House Smoked salmon 7.00

Mini spring rolls & samosas 6.00


• Monteith's Golden Battered Fish & Chips

Succulent blue cod served with a green salad, golden fries and tartare sauce 28.90

• Curry and a Pint

Chef's latest creation served on rice with a grilled roti bread, cucumber & yoghurt raita 27.50

Without Pint 21.50

• Open Steak Sandwich

Chargrilled porterhouse steak served on ciabatta, lettuce, tomato with a spiced beetroot relish. Topped with crispy onion rings, served with fries 22.90

• Gourmet house Pizzas 23.40
"Chicken Cranny" 
 - Smoked chicken, red onion, brie & capsicum. Topped with cranberry sauce.

"Meat Lovers"  - Salami, Bacon, chorizo, red onion with a smokey bbq sauce

"Smokey Salmon" - House smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers, red onion. Finished with sweet thai chilli

Add Gluten Free base to any pizza 3.00

• Chicken Fettuccine

Tender chicken pieces, cherry tomato, peas, spring onions in a white wine & lemon cream sauce 20.50

• Merrin Caesar Salad

Seasonal lettuce, bacon, boiled egg, croutons and a creamy dressing. (Anchovies optional) 19.90
Add grilled sliced chicken breast or home smoked salmon 6.00


• Lamb's Fry & Bacon stack

Pan seared lamb's liver stacked with bacon in a rich mushroom sauce. Served with creamy mash 19.90

• West Coast Ribs 

Tender pork ribs, lightly smoked & smothered with our west coast style bbq sauce. Served with fresh coleslaw & golden fries 26.90

• Beef & Bacon Burger 

Beef patty, caramelised onions, bacon, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato & bbq sauce in a toasted bun, served with fries 25.90

• Chicken Taco 

Crispy Chicken in a flour tortilla with tomato salsa, corn, coleslaw & sour cream. Served with fries 23.90



Vanilla ice cream, espresso shot and liqueur of your choice 16.90


Liqueur Coffees

Coffee with a liqueur of your choice, topped with cream 14.10



Flat White 5.1 

Cappuccino 5.1

Latte 5.1 

Mochachino 5.2 

Short Black 4.2

Long Black 4.2

Long or Short Macchiato 4.2  

Americano 4.2

Vienna 5.2

Hot Chocolate 5.2

Baby Fluffy 1.00

Port Glass (90ml)

Barros Ruby 8.5 

Barros Tawny 9 

Barros Tawny (10 years old) 11 



English Breakfast 4.0

Earl Grey/Lady Grey 4.0 

Chamomile 4.0

Green 4.0

Peppermint 4.0

Blackcurrant 4.0

Lemon and Ginger 4.0

Raspberry and Peach 4.0

DESSERTS - All 12.90

• Homemade Traditional Cheesecake
Ask for details of our chef’s latest creation  

• Ice Cream Sundae

Served with real caramel, chocolate or berries

• Lemon & Coconut Brulee

Lemon infused brulee topped with golden toffee toasted coconut with vanilla ice cream.

• Chocolate Brownie

Rich chocolate brownie topped with vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce & toasted pecans.


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